Al-Jisr Arizona-Tunisia Exchange

October 1, 2017 to July 17, 2018

The Al-Jisr (The Bridge) Arizona-Tunisia Exchange Program included more than 135 students, faculty, adjunct faculty and supporters engaged in the Al Jisr Exchange Program Facebook group site with 1,081 comments, 625 photos posted, 72 videos posted and 67 videos produced.

The project brought an Internews manager and three students from Tunisia to the University of Arizona in April 2018 for eight days for a week of programming and the director of student media and a School of Journalism professor to Tunisia for nearly two weeks in June 2018.  Both visits involved social and cultural events with communities around Arizona and Tunisia, trainings, community coffees and journalism programming.

two men standing behind a table indoors

Brainstorming session on the trip to the US in Internews office

Student Notes On Table

Students Arrive at Phoenix Airport

Arrival to Phoenix Airport

Tunisian student visit Campus Radio

Visit of campus radio

Live Podcast on Radio

Live Podcast on campus radio

people attending multimedia workshop

Workshop on Multimedia in UA university

students presenting on Tunisian democracy

Q&A with students on Tunisian democracy

three students learning how to fly a drone

Workshop on drones used for journalism

students holding Tunisian flag at US-Mexico Border

Visit to Nogales, AZ, US/Mexican Border

screenshot of Facebook page of interview video

Interview at the US / Mexican border fence

Tunisian students interviewing fellow student

Tunisian students doing interview on UA campus

students enjoying a large Tunisian dinner together

Couscous farewell cooked by Tunisian students

student group photo at beach

student group photo holding certificate

students taking notes at bootcamp

Journalism Bootcamp in El Haouaria (Nabeul) – June 2018

phone recording journalism boot camp with students

student group photo with UA flag

Al Jisr “Coffee Media Talk” in AMIDEAST, Tunis

students holding Tunisia and UA flags

Al Jisr “Coffee Media Talk” in Kairouan

students holding UA and Tunisia flag in Tunis

Al Jisr “Coffee Media Talk” in old city, Tunis

student group photo holding UA and Tunisia flags

Al Jisr “Coffee Media Talk” in Sousse

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